14th OcuFes in Toyohashi

Date and time:

1 June 2014, 12:00-17:00


ZIP 440-0881
Aichi-ken, Toyohashi-shi, Hirokoji 1 chome 18 Yumex-biru 5F
Coworking space, Trial Village


Admission Fee:
Free of charge, so come on by!

Note: Because there will be public users on this day as well, please go up to the reception and notify them that you’ve come for the OcuFes event (Okyufesu ni sanka desu), or that you’ve come to experience the Oculus Rift (Okyurasu o taiken shi ni kimashita) or something along those lines.


Demos scheduled to be on display: http://ocufestoyohashi.tumblr.com/

VR Tezutsu (hand-held fireworks)
Experience Tezutsu in VR.


Still undetermined.

Dancing AR figure
Try and touch a figure dancing on an AR marker.

Unity-chan goes Mario style
Unity-chan busts up some all too familiar blocks!


Still undetermined.

Still undetermined.

Turn into poo and travel through the digestive system!

Still undetermined.

With your girlfriend at the park
Have a good time chatting with your girlfriend.


Still undetermined.

Come on by and have some good VR fun!



Contact information

Takane @takane69

For inquiries by e-mail:

Inquiries regarding the event itself: takane.ringo@gmail.com

Inquiries about the venue where the event will be held: info@trialvillage.jp

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