VOCALOID GENERATION 4 On Tour (13th OcuFes event)

Date and time: 11 May 2014

Venue: Actcity Hamamatsu, Seminar and Exchange Center, Music Seminar Hall (Shizuoka prefecture, Hamamatsu-shi, Naka-ku)

Note: Approx. 10 minutes by foot from Hamamatsu station on the JP Tokaido Line.

Event name:

Nr. of Oculus Rift headsets available: 2
Demos: Mikulus, Riftcoaster and others. We will switch over to other demos if the waiting time becomes too long.
To enter the venue where the demos are shown it is required that you buy a 500 Yen brochure containing info on dos and don’ts and other things.
Contact information:
  For inquiries about the VOCALOID event: Official e-mail address: info*voca-gene.info, Official twitter account: @VOCA_GENE


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